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Patio Heating

Patio Heating Services in Sylvan Lake, Alberta

Heat up your outdoor life with one of our patio heating solutions!

Portable patio heaterThese modern design portable heaters are a great way to have your outdoor space become more functional during those cool evenings and brisk fall days. This efficient radiant heater is easy to assemble and dismantle for storage and also has built in wheels and anti-tilt structure making moving it an ease.  Some of the amazing features are:

  •   heat coverage of up to 180 square feet (12 ft wide by 15 ft deep)
  •   wind resistance of wind speeds up to 8 mph (12.8 kph)
  •   adjustable heat control
  •   battery activated spark ignition
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Electric heater - Tungsten seriesThese infrared electric heaters are perfect for outdoor entertaining areas that people want to utilize more than a few months out of the year. They can be mounted to walls or ceiling depending on pre-existing structures. There are four models to choose from depending on the size of space you are looking at heating:

  •   2,000 W (heats up to 65 square feet)
  •   3,000 W (heats up to 100 square feet)
  •   4,000 W (heats up to 130 square feet)
  •   6,000 W (heats up to 160 square feet)
Electric outdoor heater - Platinum seriesThese beautifully designed infrared electric heaters provide directional heating and seamless integration into both commercial and residential locations. They are wind and weather resistant and provide soft, radiant heat flow. Multiple heaters can be switched on and off simultaneously from a single remote-located switch. Some features of the Platinum model are:

  •   2,300 W output
  •   ultra thin and stylish
  •   bracket allows for 60 degrees top to bottom
  •   can be integrated into smart control systems
  •   Three mounting options: wall, ceiling, and recessed
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Outdoor gas heater - Tungsten seriesThese gas radiant heaters have a direct ignition system that ensures a reliable start and effective operation, even in winds of up to 8 mph (12.8 kph). Easy pivot arm provides better positioning and heat coverage for your outdoor entertaining space. The automatic re-ignition has a safety shut-off control that for any reason should it not reignite will turn the heater off immediately. There are two models available:

  •   300: 26,000 BTU that heats approx. 120 square feet
  •   500: 43,000 BTU that heats approx. 200 square feet
Outdoor gas heater - Platinum seriesThese brushed stainless steel and ceramic gas heaters are suitable for the most exclusive outdoor entertaining areas. The tinted ceramic takes what would be an obtrusive red glare and transforms it into a soft glow. The directional ceiling mounts provides an even greater positioning and heat coverage. There are two models:

  •   3-series: 23,600 BTU that heats approx. 120 square feet
  •   5-series: 39,800 BTU that heats approx. 200 square feet
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